Middle of the woods

So today’s story is straight from the horror books.   I’m not sure I’ve felt as much terror in quite some time as I did last night.  I thought I was going to end up in an episode of American Horror Story Cult or something.  Let me tell you a story about how I ended up in the middle of the woods at 5am in the morning.

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She got out of the car, and you won’t believe what happened next!

Somebody mentioned that it was “just like me” to post clickbait so I just had to use that title lol.

So, as promised, I have a story from last night’s driving that is a doosey.  I picked up this lady today from out in the 68th and Division area.  I was already a bit nervous about the pickup because I drove about 15 minutes from across town and it seems many times when I do those pickups where I drive 15-20 minutes to pick somebody up it’s always a very short drop off.  So I pull up in front of her house and wait about 4 minutes and she finally saunters out.  Immediately the red flags start going off because she comes out side and sits down in her lawn chair and starts having a cigarette.  She then after she smokes for 2-3 minutes she finally starts stumbling towards the Jeep.  At this point i’m not really sure if she’s drunk or it’s because she’s an older woman, although I’m definitely leaning towards her being drunk because of how long she’s been taking.  So she climbs in which ends up being a several minute process in of itself because she can’t get her little chihuahua to jump up into the Jeep.  She gets in and almost immediately things start going downhill.

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My First Crazy

Lots of passengers ask me the same thing, “Have you ever gotten a crazy?” I always say, no, everyone’s been great. But now, I’m happy — well not happy happy — to say that I have finally gotten a crazy.

When I picked him, he didn’t seem all that crazy. He was dressed in classic douche, a blazer over a T-shirt. He was drunk enough to slur the ends of his words but he didn’t seem that intoxicated. He got into the back and asked to move the passenger seat forward since he was over 6 feet. We chatted a little about our nights, he was unhappy with the crowd at the bar that he was at, the comedians jockeying for attention. He mentioned that he had heard something that resonated with him — that whatever makes you uncomfortable is the thing that you need to face in yourself. I probed a little, asking what recently had made him uncomfortable. He mumbled, a break up. Yup, those break ups.

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